Club meeting, November 2018

Well, after a couple months of no updates (aside from those on our Facebook group page), and losing several months worth of pictures when I switched my phone, it’s been pretty quiet around theses parts.

Rest assured that the club has continued to meet each month, attend contests and generally be the same group of grouchy old guys we always were. Tonight was our November meeting and while there wasn’t a huge amount of stuff on display, we had a great turnout as we all brace ourselves for the craziness of the Christmas holidays to tackle us soon.

Here are some pictures for you!

How To: Decant spray paint

New member Rod B. contacted me with a kind offer to write a how-to article about how he decants spray paint for airbrushing. Take it away, Rod!

How I decant spray paint into a paint mixing jar:

Remove the nozzle from a spay can. Pry the atomizer out of the nozzle. Grip a 3/32” drill bit at a right angle in the jaw of locking pliers. Holding with your other hand, using a twisting motion bore a 1/8” deep hole into the nozzle. Careful that you don’t drill too deep. Cut off one inch of 3/32″ aluminum tube with a sharp knife. Sand square edges of the tube with #400 grit sand paper. Measure & mark off 1/8” from end of tube. Insert tube into drilled hole up to marked line. With a length of flexible tube pushed over one end of the aluminum tube, replace the assembly back on top of the spray paint can. Cover the top of a small jar with cling wrap. Pierce a hole into top of jar. Stick the end of the hose into the jar. You’re ready to start filling the jar. After you’ve transferred the paint, screw on the jar’s cap and turn it back 3/4 of a turn, and let it sit overnight to settle out all of the bubbles.

Thanks again Rod! If any other members have a cool tip they’d like to share, just write it up in an email to me with any images you want to include an I’ll get it up on the website.

-Jeff B

Club Meetings, March and April 2018

Time to catch up again! Our March and April meetings had a lot of cool stuff on display, as well as a few new faces we got to meet at the World of Wheels show. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the May meeting, but I’ll have some new pictures of little plastic goodness after the next meeting on June 9th. Until then, here’s some photos!

World of Wheels 2018

Once again this year the club put on a display of both vintage and modern builds, hosted by both vintage and modern builders. As always, it generated lots of interest and conversation with many show attendees who used to build years ago, and some that still do.

Many thanks to the club members who were able to make it out over the weekend to help with the display setup, hosting, and take-down.

Club meeting, February 2018

Valentine’s Day was a hot topic of conversation at our February meeting. Everyone was all a-flutter discussing their elaborate plans for the big day, and the lavish expensive gifts they had bought.

Oh, wait. My mistake. I meant the complete opposite of that. Nobody gave an airborne crap about Saint Bullsh!t’s Day. We talked about little plastic cars instead.

Club meeting, January 2018

Well well well. 2018 already, and I’m still writing 1994 on all my cheques. We managed to drag ourselves out from under the weight of Christmas and New Years hassles and made our way out to Phil’s for a coffee and some bull.  Oh, and there were some models too.


Club Meeting, December 2017

I was unable to attend the December meeting, due to my inability to convince my wife that plastic cars are more important than the company Christmas party. Nevertheless, Mr. Tyler Bonertz captured these fine images of all the cool stuff I missed.

Have a great holiday break everyone, and I hope Santa brings you lots of new kits this year!

Next meeting will be January 13, 2018!


– Jeff B

Club Meeting, November 2017

Time to get caught up again on some meeting photos! Our November meeting had lots of cool stuff on display as always. Here is some of the good stuff I captured.


Club Meeting, September 2017

September already? Time to get some painting done before it gets too cold!

It’s a busy fall coming up, with the Monster Hobbies model contest on September 23rd, and the GOMBS show and contest on the 30th. There’s still time for the glue to dry in time for the contests, so get on it!

Our next club meeting is on October 14 back at Phil’s on 17th ave. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, here are some photos from the meeting:

Club Meeting, August 2017

Hello once again fellow plastic junkies. We just had our August meeting and it was once again a packed house with a couple new faces, as well as my old Dad in town again for his roughly annual club drop-in. 

Great turn out and some cool stuff to browse as always. 

Next meeting is September 9 at Phil’s Restaurant on 17th ave S.E.  

In the mean time and in between time, here are pictures of little plastic cars. 

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